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8.27 Test

It’s still all vapor but maybe we can make it work! Thanks for your willingness to jump in the pool with us as we test out the feasibility of bringing StartupLive to life!

Our goal is to continue to serve the startup community by encouraging and enabling building 1:1 relationships with like-minded people, one at a time. We are using twine as our back-end for the magic.

But first, we test!


1) Onboard here before Thursday, 8.27 This will take place on twine. (Note: twine will only work on iOS or desktop. Sorry Andriod, today is not your day.)

2) You will see a selection of pertinent questions from other startup leaders and entrepreneurs and asked to select ones that resonate the most with you.

3) Behind the scenes, you will be matched for two, 12-minute hard-stop conversations around those specific topics with two other entrepreneurs over video chat.

On Thursday, August 27th from 1:00 – 1:30 pm:

1) You will watch a brief intro video from yours truly, framing the experience.

2) You will meet and chat with someone new and the two of you can discuss the questions you both self-selected as being important to you both.

3) You will be given the option to stay in touch with the folks you meet.

I will follow up with you soon after to collect any/all feedback you may have about your experience. Our intention of this test is to embrace the technology and build a coalition of trusted people from our community who see value in breaking this out and going big with us.

 – The onboarding link for StartupLive is unique and hidden — you won’t find our group publically linked from twine.
 – You must use your real phone number to receive a verification code
– If you arrive/login after 1:00 pm on Thursday you will be shut out. Onboard early and enter the conversation on time!
– Please make sure your camera works or else the person on the other end will have a bad experience!

Thanks for being a part of this!  Of course, please ping me with any questions.

Looking forward to Thursday!